Movie #12 of 12

Ruby Sparks

We made it! Well, in 1 hour and 44 minutes we’ve made it. But still, it feels good. This film is presumably about a writer whose fear of plagiarism manifests himself in his girlfriend and he becomes terrified and murders her. I’m assuming all this by the other films in this marathon.

By reading the description, it seems much much more wholesome. For most of you, potentially reading this in bed Sunday morning, think about how long I watched random movies today. I woke up at 3:50am, I fell asleep the moment this movie is over (3:44am central time, this is a guess). Consider how much you’d donate for your nephew to run a 5k, knowing he’s not really running. Then think about how many hours of my productive adulthood I’m sacrificing for this. Disregard the fact that I choose to do this, AND love it. Concentrate on the pity.

Concentrate on the fact that you woke up Saturday morning and I was on movie 3. Then you woke up on Sunday and I had JUST finished watching movies. And that I’m tired.

Then think about movies and decide to give $5 to the Carolina Theatre because you trust my judgment. And I have only been to the Carolina once in the last 5 years, and yet I still raise money for them every year. And then think about skipping Starbucks and sponsoring them. Just once.

Much love, we are at $500 of our $600 goal. I am very tired. I love you regardless. Donate $5 here.

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