Hi, I’m Marc Wasserman!

One day a year, I watch 12 full-length feature films in a row.

4am to 4am. No sleep. No distractions.

The short version? I raise money for an independent film series and what else was I going to do, RUN a marathon?


To raise money for the Carolina Theatre, a Durham, North Carolina-based non-profit.

Independent theaters are struggling more than ever, partly because of the rise of streaming media. We’re going to flip the tables and use that media to keep the spirit of independent film alive. 


I am specifically raising money to support their RetroFantasma double feature program, where they take two similarly themed movies and show them with cultural context and the original trailers you would have seen if you were watching them premiere.

$150 sponsors one film, $300 sponsors an entire evening. I’m trying to raise $600 to sponsor 4 films.

It’s a unique, tailored experience that most theaters don’t have the time or funding to spend time on.


The Carolina Theatre has been in the heart of downtown Durham since 1926. More than 90 years after opening as the Durham Auditorium, the Carolina Theatre has become one of its city’s most beloved institutions. The historic venue presents vibrant, thought-provoking film and live performances that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of downtown Durham and the Triangle Region. Strengthened from weathering nine decades of social, political and economic change, the Carolina Theatre continues to be a source of civic pride; an important marker of historic change; a valuable touchstone for the community; a crucial resource for education through the arts, and a beacon attracting visitors to partake in — and contribute to — the bright future of its city’s downtown.


I encourage you to start your own marathon, no matter how small. If you’d like to donate to mine, let me know and I’ll update you when this year’s donation page is live. 


Drop me a note at hello AT 12movies24hours.com